Real Flight Simulator


The Real Flight Simulator RFS based on interactive DFS to be presented in 2020, opens entirely new possibilities in aviation design, testing, certification and pilot training, in a realisation of Euler’s Dream as truly predictive simulation from first principle physics.

The aero-data required to build the Real Flight Simulator will thus be delivered by DFS. Since DFS is truly predictive, the simulator will be as well.  The possibility of such a simulator is viewed to be so far beyond the horizon that it is not even mentioned in NASA CFD Vision 2030.

Existing flight simulators as computer games use simple models with prediction replaced by prescription. These simulators cannot be used for pilot training.

Existing flight simulators for pilot training require expensive direct collection of aero-data from real flight, where extreme situations such as stall and spin cannot be included.

RFS will in particular allow pilots to experience extreme situations and how to handle them.

The Real Flight Simulator will be followed by Real Sailing Simulator and Real Ship Simulator.

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