Science 2008

Nature 2008

Normat 57 2009

Journal of Fluid Mechanics 2008

Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics 2008

Physic of Fluids Nov 2011

  • Separation is Slightly Viscous Flow (rejected: unclear reason)

AIAA 2012

  • New Theory of Flight (submitted March 8)
  • Separation in Slightly Viscous Flow (submitted March 8)
  • New Theory of Flight (revised version as one article submitted May 30)

The article was declined on August 3 by AIAA assigned editor Greg Blaisdell, based on two referee reports defending the existing theory as functional, with however the acknowledgement:

  • Your paper is unusual in that it challenges our existing understanding of aerodynamics.

Yes, it does. The further correspondence with AIAA including the referee’s reports will be posted here. The question is if challenging existing understanding is acceptable or not. AIAA says it is not, but in science this is fundamental: Science which cannot be challenged is dead science.

Here are the referee’s reports and our analysis:

Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics 2012

Collection of Referee Reports

The communication between the authors and journal editors including referee reports for related articles up to 2008, are collected at Flow Mystery Forum.


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