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  1. Dear Claes Johnson,
    Warmest congratulations on having your New Theory of Flight published!
    Not just BRILLIANT physics – but brilliant determination and persistence in order to get treated fairly in this horribly corrupt world we live in!

    I’m not a fluid dynamicist, so I’m delighted that your theory is visualisable qualitatively as a system of streaming counter-rotating vortices that are shed along the trailing edge of a wing or sail – if I’m not mistaken.
    (This reminds me of “Couette flow” and related fluid phenomena involving systems of counter-rotating vortices which change with speed . . )

    As hobbies, I’m very interested in sailing, para-gliding and bird-flight – i.e. low Reynolds number flying. If I understand right, the streaming counter-rotating vortices tighten up as the air speed rises – ie get narrower and increase in number?
    So I wanted to ask, approximately what diameter are the streaming vortices behind a bird-wing? A few centimetres? Or millimetres? Of course large birds and small birds are an order of magnitude different, but I’m trying to visualise this transparent phenomenon.

    With best wishes for your coming recognition 🙂

    Patrick Collins

    • Thanks Patrick for these words! The diameter of the streamwise vortices may be of the size of the radius of the trailing edge, which could be comparable to the thicknees of the wing and with increasing speed they get longer but not much thinner.

      Best regards, Claes

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