Icarus Digital Math


Icarus Digital Math presents revolutionary new mathematical methodology and open source software for automated computational mathematical modeling based on FEniCS and covering a wide range of applications .

A key component is Direct Finite Element Simulation DFS making for the first time Computational Fluid Mechanics CFD truly predictable without use of turbulence or wall modeling replacing prediction by prescription.

DFS is based on first principle physics of incompressible slightly viscous flow in the form of the Euler equations expressing incompressibility, Newton’s 2nd Law and a slip boundary condition. DFS computes turbulent solutions in close correspondence with observation over a wide range of problems including cars, airplanes and ships, with geometry as only model input.

In particular DFS allows computational simulation of the full flight characteristics of an airplane and thus gives solid evidence to the New Theory of Flight.

Icarus Digital Math also offers a broad educational program in computational mathematical modeling in the form of MOOC, including in particular aerodynamics of flight.