KZP as Pseudo-Science

A common feature of pseudo-science is theory claiming a substantial effect from

  • small cause or
  • unknown cause

making experimental testing impossible. Let us subject modern fluid dynamics to this test.

Modern fluid and aerodynamics is dominated by Ludwig Prandtl named Father of modern fluid mechanics and Zhukovsky named Father of Russian aerodynamics supported by his German homolog Wilhelm Kutta.

Prandtl developed boundary layer theory to explain substantial drag of a bluff body in a fluid with small viscosity and Kutta-Zhukovsky circulation theory to explain large lift of a wing as a bluff body with sharp trailing edge.

Prandtl claimed that substantial drag originates from a vanishingly thin boundary layer and Kutta-Zhukovsky that large lift originates from a sharp trailing edge singularity.

In both cases a substantial effect is claimed to come from a small or unknown cause.

For a powerpoint presentation, see

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